Basic Facts About Vegetable And Dairy

Foods are classified as victuals in order to include all types of food and beverages that provide nutrition to humans. A food is also called a victual if it sustains life. The word ‘food’ means anything that is eaten, chewed or digested by man. The word ‘vital’ comes from the Latin word ‘viti’ meaning life. Food is considered vital to the body’s health; therefore, it has been recognized as a major source of energy in our bodies.

In basic definition, victuals refer to food that provides food support for our bodies. It includes everything that supports human life. Common food types used to define victuals are animal, vegetable, dairy, fish, poultry, meat, milk, honey, seeds, nuts, yeast and fungi. When it comes to victuals, animal products like meat, fish and dairy are considered to be important sources of nutrition. Vitamins and minerals found in them are essential for our health. The list of common foods that provide food support for our body may vary depending on which area of our body you are eating the food from.

Vegetables are considered as food in themselves because they do not provide sustenance for our body. Animal products like meat, fish and dairy are considered as sources of food because they can be consumed raw or cooked and contain vitamins and minerals. The list of food products that contain vitamins and minerals may vary depending on which part of the body you are consuming the food from. Animal products may be used as a source of food in infants while dairy products may be used as food in adults. In the case of fruits and vegetables, they can be eaten raw or boiled or used to make food products. A dairy product can be used as food especially in babies. This kind of product is known as milk and contains many vitamins and minerals needed by babies.

Fruits and vegetables have long been considered as food in their own right. However, more recently, fruits and vegetables are being marketed to people who are more concerned with health and wellness than making healthy food choices. Some fruits and vegetables are now available in juice forms, drinks and ice cream. To a certain extent, fruit juices are healthful alternatives to sweetened beverages but they are still considered as part of a healthy diet.

Meat and dairy are the most popular food category in the meat category. It is one of the most common and most important sources of nutrition for our body. Other than the basic requirements of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and mineral supplements, food in the meat category includes red meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Other than this, there are several kinds of dairy products that are important to consider such as cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, curds and whey.

Meats are also considered as food by the human consumption category because of the nutrients they provide to our body. The fat content of meats is usually very low compared to that of vegetable and fruits. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, provide lots of fibers and vitamins.