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Workplace Wellness Packages

“The evidence is mounting that wellness activities do significantly impact the health and well being of employees as well as the company’s bottom line.” ~ American Management Association


Did you know that any type of stress- mechanical, chemical or emotional- increases the body’s nutritional needs? This lack of nutrition leads to pain, tension, and dis-ease. Dharma Healing Center is here to help our clients address their nutritional, physical, and emotional needs through the professional guidance of our diverse family of exceptional practitioners.


Because the DHC mission is to help clients naturally by knowing their health and wellness options, we have created our ‘Feel Better at Work’ corporate packages so that your employees can take advantage of the cumulative effects of our holistic healing modalities while the company is rewarded with significant savings and, more importantly, improved employee retention, job satisfaction, productivity and creativity.


Why should my company offer workplace massage, yoga, or meditation classes for our employees?

There are many reasons, including but not limited to :

  • Increase in employee morale. Massage is known to increase serotonin levels, which helps reduce overall feelings of anxiety, aggression and/or depression-related disorders.
  • Employees will eagerly anticipate their turn in the massage rotation. Even employees who choose not to participate will acknowledge it is a nice and valuable amenity being offered (and after a limited time many of these people will choose to participate after observing the program in action). Your employees will soon start to brag to friends and family about the enhanced benefits package and special perks you provide them.
  • Research has shown that in quantitative tasks (such as typing and filing) an employee’s production increases and fewer mistakes are made following a 15 minute chair massage. Due to increased dopamine levels, your employees will feel refreshed and motivated to continue working at a high level..
  • It has been reported that one million people call in sick each day due to stress-related disorders, which ultimately costs U.S. businesses more than $300 billion a year. As more and more scientific research continues to validate the many benefits of therapeutic massage, providing workplace chair massages will be a major corporate benefit provided to employees in the 21st century. Those at the forefront of any new trend tend to reap the greatest rewards.


What are the physiological benefits for a person receiving a chair massage?

A chair massage reduces stress, is physically, mentally and emotionally relaxing, addresses muscle soreness/stiffness, increases circulation and helps rejuvenate the body for further activity (this is why runners/cyclists often receive a chair massage prior to a race).

FAQ = Our company is so large; how would I choose only 12 people for a three hour session?

Employees can receive a massage on a rotating basis, so they understand they may not  receive a massage every time. However this is why the office chair yoga and meditation classes are GREAT! Everyone is included.

“Feel Better at Work” Packages

Each package is by the hour and the services (massage, chair yoga and/or group mediation) received can be chosen per package.

For example, if you want chair massage at your office the Third Thursday of each month we suggest you purchase package #4; this would give ten employees each a 15-minute chair massage.

If you want group mediation every other month to alternate with chair massage we recommend Package number 1, for 6-months. each month the focus alternates but you pay the same discounted price.

For 6-month packages:

1. Corporate Package: $1300* (Savings of $140)

Package Includes: 1 Therapist, 2 Hours/Month for 6 Months

20% Deposit = $260, Monthly Payment = $183.33 (includes $10/mo. c/c fee)


2. Corporate Package: $1900* (Savings of $260)

Package Includes:  1 Therapist, 3 Hours/Month for 6 Months

20% Deposit = $380, Monthly Payment = $263.33 (includes $10/mo. c/c fee)


For 12-month packages:

3. Corporate Package: $2400* (Savings of $480)

Package Includes:  1 Therapist, 2 Hours/Month for 12 Months

20% Deposit = $480, Monthly Payment = $170 (includes $10/mo. c/c fee)


4. Corporate Package: $3600* (Savings of $720)

Package Includes:  1 Therapist, 3 Hours/Month for 12 Months

20% Deposit = $720, Monthly Payment = $216.66 (includes $10/mo. c/c fee)


5. Corporate Package: $5300* (Savings of $460)

Package Includes:  1 Therapist, 4 Hours/Month for 12 Months

20% Deposit = $1,060, Monthly Payment = $363.33 (includes $10/mo. c/c fee)


*Registration Fee $200 (not included in total price)


And don’t forget to take time for yourself…indulge in a soothing, therapeutic massage from Dharma Healing Center!  Additional bonus massage hours are discounted at a 20% reduced in-house rate (reg. price $85/hour), only available for appointments at the Dharma Healing Center.

Following are terms and conditions for the DHC’s Feeling Better at Work! Corporate Massage Packages:

-To provide best value, packages must be pre-purchased or monthly membership contract signed prior to services with a non-refundable 20% deposit..

-Purchased packages are non-refundable; as well as, the required 20% deposit.

-Period of the package:  Packages based around monthly visits of no less than 2 hours.

-Therapist(s) visit the client on site, where clients will provide an appropriate location for seated massage, Chair yoga or group meditation classes.

-Any required site safety instruction must be carried out by the client where appropriate with appointed therapist(s).

-Therapist(s) are assigned to corporate clients and, where possible, DHC will manage packages to ensure consistency of therapists occurs.  DHC provides no guarantee that the same therapists will be available month to month, however, we will do our utmost to provide consistency of visiting therapist(s).

-In the unlikely event that DHC cannot supply therapist(s) for any given monthly visit of the contract, the contract will be extended for an additional monthly visit. DHC reserves the right to extend a contract for three (3) monthly visits for any reason. In excess of this extension period, the client may request to have the remainder of the contract refunded pro-rata.

-Packages include an allowance for travel to and from the client site for sites located within 7 miles of the DHC.

-Travel outside of this area is charged at 50 cents per mile for the round trip (to and from) the client site location, to be prepaid by the client prior to the therapist(s) attending.

-Monthly visits are not allowed to be rolled over and used in subsequent months.  They are applicable to that month only.


Payment Options:

Packages may be either purchased in full or with 20% deposit upfront and our convenient  monthly payment plans with an automatic withdrawal from your corporation’s corporate account through the corporation’s credit card.  (Additional Fee for Credit Card $10/month)

Off-site 1-hour session rate is $120.00/hr outside our discounted packages.