I have studied and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing. My love of different cultures, traditions and wanting to learn and appreciate our similarities and differences has taken me on many roads so far but have all culminated in this path that I am on today. Traveling in different countries has taught me a lot about how to communicate with everyone and find what connects us.

One of my greatest passions has been the healing arts. I have studied massage therapy and will soon be able to use those skills, thanks to the inspiration I have gotten from the Dharma Healing Center (DHC). I feel that I have definitely found my niche where I can use my people skills, marketing skills, my multiple languages and be in an environment that is focused on mind, body and spirit health, healing and wellness. I have found the greatest sense of community here at DHC and I am grateful and so appreciative of where I am and so excited and open to what is coming.