11 October 2012
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Native American Animal Totem Astrology: Happy Birthday to the Crow! September 23rd to October 22nd

In Native American culture animal totems are regarded as sacred symbols that represent the link between humans, animals, and Mother Earth.  Similar to the western zodiac astrology that we are all familiar with (hey baby, what’s your sign?), Native American totem animals offer insight into who we are and what lessons life’s journey has in store.

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd then your birth totem is the crow.  Crows live within the element of air.  The positive aspects of the crow are sensitivity, diplomacy, romance, and optimism.  Crows are good at making decisions, as well as knowing when to “let go”.  When out of balance, the crow totem can lack caution, hold grudges, and be overly gullible. They may also exhibit imbalance through taking sides, being overly trusting, and having a hard time making decisions.

Crows live to bond with others. This is why we always see them congregating in groups of three or more.  Being part of flock is very important to them, but they must also be careful not to neglect their own personal growth and development. Keen on making others happy, crows must remember to also invest time in themselves.

Intelligent and curious creatures, crows can easily become one-track-minded by their desires or goals (shiny objects!) and unintentionally lose track of the big picture. Be aware of this dear crow, and make sure you don’t go through life with tunnel vision. Take time to look in all directions and see different perspectives lest you find yourself crashing into a giant tree you never noticed was there.

Crows symbolize life’s magic.  They are dynamic daytime creatures cloaked in black whose challenge is to learn to balance their inner and outer dimensions.  With a natural tendency to happily exist within a group and focus on the external, it is truly the wise, enlightened crow who discovers the shiny, priceless jewel that lives within herself.

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